A turntablist since the age of 13, Father Of Cain has had more name changes than Jason Bourne. DJ EXCEL, DJ Snare, Inspector Imposter and finally Father Of Cain. He's won numerous DJ competitions/turntable battles in the UK and abroad. DMC UK finalist 5 times. 1991 (2nd place), 1992, 1996, 1997 (2nd place) and 1998 (2nd place). 1991 European DMC DJ Finalist, Amsterdam. Vestax UK DJ champion 1994, Vestax All Japan DJ championship (3rd place).

A true innovator in the turntable scene he developed techniques still used to this day and was also the originator of the famous Twiddle Scratch/Crab scratch, developed and made famous by DJ Qbert and DJ Shortkut (Scratch Pickles) after showing them in Japan in 1994.

He was part of the London based turntable DJ Crew The Enforcers with Cut Master Swift, DJ Biznizz and DJ Pogo. He now concentrates on DJing, Promoting, tutoring and producing, notably working with Jamiroquai.

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Playing: Funk, Afro, Northern Soul, Old/New Hip Hop, Electro, Soul, Ska, Reggae, Garage rock, Surf, Rock and Roll, Leftfield, 60's, Psychedelic, Soundtracks, jazz, disco/boogie, Glitch Hop, Electro swing.

Tel: 07515 512 628